Mila Azul

The Muse


My name is Mila and I am from Ukraine. I am a model and musician. I love to model because it is fun and let’s me travel around the world. Join my premium snapchat to get exclusive access to my life, my travels, my photos and videos, and my music.


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  • Asim on 2018-04-07:

    i would love to buy an access for your premium snap Id . i love your work . keep it up .

  • Charles Passion on 2018-04-07:

    I love Mila Azul, definitely will buy it.

  • Hengyi on 2018-04-07:


  • Simon on 2018-04-07:

    You're the great girl i seen ever

  • Nick on 2018-04-07:

    Really great

  • Anonymous on 2018-04-07:

    Beautiful sums it up.

  • Anonymous on 2018-04-07:

    I thought you were a porn star i didn't know you were a model band musician. Btw your really hot

  • Anonymous on 2018-04-07:

    And* not band

  • Anonymous on 2018-04-07:

    Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend?

  • Roberto on 2018-04-07:

    Bellissima ❤ ❤❤❤

  • Brian Pan on 2018-04-07:

    U r the most beautiful girl I ever sen

  • Erwin on 2018-04-08:

    Te amo ❤❤❤

  • paintr09 on 2018-04-08:


  • Alan on 2018-04-08:


  • ganiyukareem on 2018-04-11:

    ally how can we talk

  • Felix on 2018-04-13:

    One of the prettiest girl I saw when first debut.

  • Amy on 2018-04-14:

    Less comments... less talk ...more JOINING! You want her attention...Join the snap account....It's like buying the girl a drink ;)

  • @Peter10W on 2018-04-16:

    In your AFG interview you said you're just ordinary girl. But you r now so famous and busy with expensive blog, some of us old people with little money cannot afford to join. Feel SO bad))

  • JD on 2018-04-18:

    If you don't have $19.99... I do feel bad for you. Not really :)

  • Soso on 2018-04-19:

    I need to see for I week if I like this think I we’ll pay

  • Ajay on 2018-04-20:

    Hi Mila, am trying my best to find you on snap chat,don't know weather it's my bad luck or what,I want to pay you and see more if you, kindly help

  • Ryan on 2018-04-23:

    Milla is perfect in every way. I wish she had an OnlyFans account too, so I could follow her there too :)

  • Amy on 2018-04-23:

    Ajay, you can't find her on snapchat. Once you pay she will have your snapchat username and add you. capish?

  • Kevin N on 2018-05-01:

    You are so beautiful 🌹

  • Boy on 2018-05-10:

    I wanna to have orgams so more again, but my orgasm must be in front of your video and picture

  • Adrián on 2018-05-11:

    I love you Mila you are my favorite girl in the world

  • gezhiwei on 2018-05-16:

    why cant use allipay ,apple pay or Unionpay?

  • Vit on 2018-05-18:

    The best!

  • Amy on 2018-05-18:

    gezhiwei. Its VISA or Mastercard only. If you have Apple pay you have one of those credit cards. Keep it simple.

  • Pope on 2018-05-19:


  • HobaNagoya on 2018-05-19:

    very very cute!

  • Anonymous on 2018-05-19:

    Sophisticated charmer

  • Lover Man on 2018-05-31:

    I want to have a lot of babies with you my love.

  • Yisus on 2018-06-02:

    I want to ask you something important... is your last name "Azul" like the color?

  • Person on 2018-06-03:

    I’ll smash

  • Anonymous on 2018-06-05:

    I am from china ,but I don't have visa credit card ,do you accept alipay or paypal?

  • Dprd on 2018-06-06:

    My card is not able to process this payment. Any other payment website other than ccbill?

  • Gilmar on 2018-06-07:

    Eu quero sair com ela

  • murat on 2018-06-17:

    you're beautiful as an angel

  • Gilmar on 2018-06-17:

    Eu sou de Piracicaba são Paulo estou afim de sair com ela

  • Bunny Hop on 2018-06-19:

    Hot damn 😍👌💦

  • Brent Vincent on 2018-06-21:

    You really need to visit New Zealand !
    You're drop dead gorgeous.

  • mordoor on 2018-07-16:

    its very nice , my love

  • Paul on 2018-08-02:

    I love her eyes! In love!

  • Karanlık on 2018-08-12:

    Sen Her Zaman Güzelsin.

  • Anonymous on 2018-08-19:


  • mehrdad on 2018-08-20:


  • Anonymous on 2018-08-25:

    I love you mila

  • Random on 2018-08-30:

    How do I subscribe to you from Malaysia?

  • Cartmen on 2018-08-31:

    I love you Mila. She is so beautiful.So hot.

  • Christopher Garcia on 2018-09-03:

    I do like so sex and so hot but l always want a girl so nice and sweet so cute so girl is so naked for me.😀😎

  • Ray on 2018-09-18:


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