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KEEP 100% OF YOUR SALES! If you’d like to sell your snaps with us, we welcome ALL to apply. Applications are NOT limited to female or male accounts only. Multi model snap account applications are welcome. If you are willing to put in the effort, want to have fun and make money by just being sexy contact us today! To submit an application just add your name, email address and current social media accounts. It's really that simple! Below are answers to some common questions. Must be 18+

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For inquires about signing up for a model account or questions about your signup application please email

What is required to be a This Years Snap Model?

This Years Snaps Models should post often, ideally daily, to their Private Snap account, however we understand life happens. For a model to be successful it requires diligence and effort. Models are required to keep up with allowing access to new verified subscribers to their Private Snap account daily. This is non-negotiable. Any model found not following the requirement of adding new verified subscribers daily (within 18 hours of new subscription notification) may have their account terminated and no further payments will be sent. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us any time.

How do I sell my Private Snaps with This Years Snaps?

If you’d like to sell access to your Private Snap account just fill out the APPLICATION above and we will contact you in 24-48hr. It’s really that easy! No experience necessary. Must be 18+

How much do I get paid?

This is your own private subscripton service so you set your price. You will receive 100% of each subscription less Visas processing fee for the life of the membership. Payments will be sent monthly by check, wire or Paypal. Model is responsible for fees when accepting payments by paypal or wire. There is no cost for payments sent by check. All payments will be made in USD unless other arragments have been made.

I’m not American or Canadian, can I still sell my Snaps with you?

Yes! We are accepting global applications :)

Do I have to get naked to sell my Snaps with you?

No! We are open to having all types of models selling Snaps with us.

What shoud I post in my Snaps?

Pictures of you, your food, pets, travel....Anything you like :)