Michelle Jean

Made in Canada


Hi, I’m Michelle Jean! I’m an internationally published Canadian fashion model. My Snapchat is the best way to be part of my exclusive inner circle and get to know me on a personal level. As a member of my premium snapchat you will have access to exclusive pictures and videos of my personal life, my professional work in the fashion, nude & erotic genres, behind the scenes, sneak peeks and of course sexy selfies. I'm always open to chatting and love getting to know new people, we can chat back and forth all you want. I can’t wait to e-meet you and start chatting!
Love, MJ

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  • Fernando on 2018-04-17:


  • Bob on 2018-04-21:

    I love this game!!

  • Ricardo on 2018-05-03:

    You are the original reason i started following this site. Your are just more beautiful every time i see you. Im a fan for life🌷😍

  • hasancoded on 2018-05-03:

    👌super sexy🔥🔥❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • jeff on 2018-05-05:

    your pretty michele

  • Sanjeev on 2018-05-06:

    Sueet mess so hot so butiful

  • Arshid on 2018-05-17:


  • Sahar on 2018-06-04:

    I love you Michelle jean .I like your smile your eyes .your hair .and your every things.

  • Tim on 2018-06-07:

    Hi MJ, nice to e-meet you.
    You are stunnig. Model of the DECADE!!!!

    Kisses Love,

  • Taylor on 2018-06-08:

    You’re amazing

  • Taylor on 2018-06-08:

    You’re amazing

  • Anonymous on 2018-06-08:


  • Martin on 2018-06-13:

    Verry sexy and hot

  • Rogelio on 2018-06-13:


  • Mohammef on 2018-06-14:

    Can ihave u snap pls??

  • Mike l on 2018-07-08:

    Wow I would love to meet you and wine and dine you sweetheart if you have a personality like the way you look you would be a keeper

  • Nurdj on 2018-07-11:

    You are beautiful girl

  • Juhan on 2018-07-15:


  • turk on 2018-07-23:

    ur so cute and gorgeous. i’m stuck on u

  • Pete Roe Photo on 2018-08-03:

    Such a beautiful woman.

  • Lorenzo on 2018-08-05:

    Estremamente stupenda

  • Algf on 2018-08-07:


  • Georges on 2018-08-08:

    ........... fantastic ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orhan on 2018-08-08:

    You are vare nace

  • Anonymous on 2018-08-14:


  • Ale on 2018-08-14:


  • Riley/Diane on 2018-08-25:

    You're epic inside and out. And I'll keep telling you that for as long as you need. 💕

  • Russmonroe on 2018-09-29:

    You are so naturally gorgeous . I must give thanks to the parents for instilling the wholesome beauty that you've been absolutely blessed with

  • Sandro on 2018-09-30:

    You've heard it b4. In comments.
    Just your name

  • Joe on 2018-10-31:

    I bet the person commenting anonymously above was blocked for being creepy or something and is now butthurt beyond belief.

    Michelle is the best model going. And she's super sweet. And she better come to Australia when she wins that Maxim contest. :P

  • Mark on 2018-11-01:

    I would love to cum on your perfect tits!

  • Ferdiic on 2018-11-10:

    You are the best model of the world. You are very sexy. I want you so much. 🔥😘

  • Anonymous on 2018-12-06:

    Anyone wanting her is wanting a woman who doesn't care if the men in her family see photos of her cunt and tits out ... That's because of being a dirty tramp ... Maybe she loves the thought of men in her family looking at her cunt as that's why she doesn't even care ... Then she expects men to pay money to access her photos ... That's all she wants is money even if it means her own father sees her tits and cunt in photos. What a dirty bitch!

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